About Serendipity Arts Trust

Serendipity Arts Trust (SAT) is an arts and cultural development trust created to encourage and support the arts as a significant contributor to the civil society. SAT aims to promote new creative strategies, artistic interventions, and cultural partnerships which are responsive and seek to address the social, cultural and environmental milieu. Committed to innovation, SAT intends to support, promote &create platforms for innovation and creativity. Right from the first Serendipity Arts Festival, the aim has been to provide masses with a unique cultural and historical source of modern contemporary art and culture. SAT programs are designed and initiated through innovative collaborations with partners across a multitude of fields, each intervention created using the arts to impact education, social initiatives, community development programs, explore interdisciplinarity between the arts, and to understand the shared histories of the sub-continent better. To be precise, the entire endeavor is to justify the meaning of serendipity meaning i.e. a happy chance.


  • To become enablers for artistic journeys by making connections, fostering communities, and creating spaces in a manner that does not exist in the current environment.
  • To give way to the sustainable environment for the arts through change for progress, and enhancing the way art is conceived, perceived, and received.
  • To develop arts-based programs and purpose-driven strategies and programs promoting practical outcomes and social responsibility.


  • To explore interdisciplinarity within the arts by facilitating interdisciplinary and collaborative creative practices through community-engaged learning experiences
  • Create accessible environments through programming
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary practices
  • Encourage community led and community engaged learning
  • Explore opportunities in the art accessibility
  • Explore new forms of art and art practices
  • Encourage cultural exchanges to foster new coherent spaces
  • Foster creative leadership

To know more about Serendipity Arts Festival (SAF), you write to us at info@serendipityartstrust.org