An interactive sonic wall that surprises the viewer by revealing sounds from the city of Delhi. The sound installation will include music made by musicians in the city, as well as street and ambient sounds that form part of the city’s soundscape. The Sonic City installation is intended to be an experiential journey through the aural landscape of Delhi, replete as it is today with both cacophony and the profound beauty of natural sounds.

Himanshu Bablani is an engineer, interaction designer, and entrepreneur. He runs Ardubotics, an educational robotics firm through which he has introduced thousands of school and engineering/design college students, artists, and architects to hands-on electronics, robotics, and prototyping. Through his interaction design studio Konspire Labs, he has collaborated with renowned artists and designers to make interactive installations for events, museums, and festivals. He also runs the non-profit community space Banana House, which provides access to tools, components, and resources for rapid prototyping and small-scale fabrication.

Sumant Jayakrishnan is a scenographer, designer, and installation artist. He works simultaneously across the genres of theatre, dance, art, film, exhibition design, fashion, and the fantastical world of events (including the Big Fat Indian Wedding). Some of Sumant’s projects include Deepa Mehta’s film Water (art direction), Tim Supple’s multilingual play A Midsummer Night’s Dream (stage and costume design), the India Art Fair (venue and installation design), and the India Pavilion (Chakraview) at the London Design Biennale, 2016.