Friends of the Festival

Who We Are
Serendipity Arts Festival is a multidisciplinary
arts festival on the banks of the river Mandovi
in Panaji, Goa. A cultural experience in itself,
the festival brings together visual, performing
and culinary arts. Curated by a panel of artists
and institutional figures, this second edition
will feature over 65 art projects including
30 projects that are commissioned specifically
for the festival.

What We Strive For
We believe that our future is directly linked
to creative thinking and that art has the power
to propel society forward by provoking,
questioning and breaking barriers. Therefore,
our intention is to expose more people to art,
address issues such as art education, patronage
culture and interdisciplinary discourse.
Serendipity Arts Festival is also an attempt
to close the gap between creators and their
audiences, creating an immersive discourse
between both and perhaps enabling them
to chance upon ideas that change the way
we view the world forever.

Friends of the Festival

Friends talk.
Start conversations, question and connect with
maestros of music, dance, theatre and
performance art. Gain access to almost all of
these events and exhibitions and experiment
with site, scale, form and display.

Friends experience.
Treat your senses through culinary installations,
tastings and pop-up cafes celebrating the
flavours of Goa. Satiate your taste buds with
curated dinners and tasting workshops of wine,
feni, chocolate and cheese.

Friends collaborate.
Your contribution of INR 2.5 Lakh to Serendipity
Arts Festival will support and enable us to
conserve and promote the arts and artists of our
country. We express our gratitude by showcasing
your name on our Friends of the Festival wall,
and treating you to two luxurious nights with
your partner in one of the Taj hotels at Goa
during the festival.

To know more, reach out to us at