5 Ways To Experience Art Everyday

Sunsets and Sunrises

cerendipity-listicle6These are the first paintings you ever painted and the first photograph you ever clicked. A ray of sunlight breaks through the trees and you sense a ray of hope, a beginning of something new. Art is what has struck you, art is what will stay till the end.

The colours and textures on display at markets

cerendipity-listicle7From the purple lustres of brinjals to the emerald green rough of the bitter gourd, from the creamiest of linen to the gossamer of chiffon; watch creativity in its various forms come together on a canvas called life.

Street art is here and there

cerendipity-listicle8In modern settings or mythological references, street art makes its presence known in all forms. From the graffiti at the side of a building to the trucks decked in the loudest of colors and brightest of quotes, seek and you shall find art in every step.

Matchboxes, movie posters, mannequins

cerendipity-listicle9Develop the eye, the mind, and the heart. Take in your surroundings, observe the curves, the patterns, the sleek designs, the subtle messages that art speaks out to you from the most common objects around us.

Your own diaries and doodles

cerendipity-listicle11Just because you cannot hold a brush to a canvas does not mean you are not an artist. An artist resides in each one of us, you just need to tap into your creativity and do what you do best…create.

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