The Adil Shah Palace

One of the oldest buildings in Panaji pre-dates the invasion of the Portuguese – despite looking typically colonial – and was the palace of Adil Shah of Bijapur. The proud building stands on the banks of the peacefully flowing Mandovi River and is a testament to Goa’s long and varied history. Its interior was renovated by Serendipity Arts Trust and the Government of Goa and was opened to the public after 12 years for SAF 2016. We are delighted to be showcasing a series of exciting projects in this venue again this year!

Events at The Adil Shah Palace

With a focus on Indian art during the period 1700 — 1850, this year’s Conclave will be an integral discursive feature of Serendipity Arts Festival. Curated by Christie’s, the conclave will include a number of prominent speakers–each with their own ..Read More ›

Workshops This workshop will focus on the work of Rudolph Laban who created a movement vocabulary that can be articulated and hence executed with a deeper understanding of one's body and of human movement. It can be applied both to ..Read More ›

Special Project Designer Wendell Rodricks travels across the sea and the silk route to discover the influences that result in the creation of the Pano Bhaju in Goa. From the Far East, countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Burma ..Read More ›

Talking Culture

Talking Culture is a series of lectures conducted by eminent artist-practitioners in and related to the field of arts and culture in India. Focusing on a specific project, or evolution of their practice, the lecture will be a deeper insight ..Read More ›

Mapping Mapusa Market

Special Project Mapping Mapusa Market is an installation by artist Orijit Sen that has originated from a project that the artist has worked on since 2013, involving explorations of the old Mapusa market in North Goa. These explorations involve a ..Read More ›

Senses 2.0

Special Events The Festival believes and works toward making art accessible to all. In collaboration with Siddhant Shah, Serendipity Arts Festival organises the Senses programme for the less abled. Senses 2.0 is programmed with workshops and curated walks for the ..Read More ›


Fashioned on the idea of an intimate, social gathering these classical musical baithaks will happen on select days of SAF.

Special Event A closed door panel discussion brings together artists and practitioners from South Asia to discuss the Young Subcontinent as a project, as well as art initiatives in the region to help boost emerging artists and artist networks in ..Read More ›

Pocket Museum

Special Project When the nine mobile museums in Museum Bhavan began to find homes in more formal institutions, Dayanita Singh decided to find a form that would allow her museums to be simultaneously disseminated in more domestic spaces: as a ..Read More ›