Children’s Park

The forest department of Government of Goa maintains a serene garden along the Mandovi River in the Campal area of Panaji. Also known as Bhagwan Mahavir Children’s Park, it is a sprawling green space for residents and features many attractions. Join us this year at this picturesque venue for exhibitions, workshops, tasty treats and more.

Events at Children’s Park

Nature Untamed

Nature Untamed is a series of stunning photographs by wildlife photographer Anup Shah. An immediate and intimate approach to these magnificent creatures  gives a surprising feeling of the vastness of the landscape of Maasai Mara. According to Shah, "I wanted ..Read More ›

Music in the Park

Local Goan musicians and bands spanning genres and styles performing in the afternoons at Children’s Park.

The Coconut Story

Celebrating the the spirit of the versatile coconut, an ingredient so essential to coastal cuisines, a selection of Goan chefs and establishments will create signature dishes as a lead up to and during the Festival, showcasing the range of Goan ..Read More ›

Drum Circle

A drum circle is an immersive experience where large groups of engage with each other as a cohesive group through percussion instruments. Taal Inc.’s highly trained facilitators will guide participants’ experience to ensure that the collective result during the session ..Read More ›

Serendipity Barefoot School of Craft is a two-year project which, for this edition of the festival, consists of an architectural competition. The display of all complete submissions and a selection of 15 submissions for development into architectural models will be ..Read More ›

Eating in the anthropocene is a 90 minute eating experience where visitors are introduced to the concept of the anthropocene: that human activities are so extensive we are leaving a geological record. Through 4 courses visitors will experience concepts and ..Read More ›