DB Ground

Set against the beautiful backdrop of the river, this venue is activated every evening during the Festival. This space will come alive with a mix of music and dance performances in the evening and will culminate with the Grand Finale by Coke Studio on the 22nd night.

Events at DB Ground

Coke Studio

The popular music series comes to Goa to showcase a roster of talented artists and bring Serendipity Arts Festival to a close.

An evening of contemporary - classical music with original songs by the band Shadow and Light, in collaboration with three gifted musicians, conceived and directed by Ranjit Barot.

Special Event Art in South Asia encompasses the wonderful spectrum of diversity, pluralism and the rich cultural heritage of the region. The ASA:SA 2017 is the first annual recognition and celebration of a new generation of artists who reflect and ..Read More ›

Uncharted Seas

At the heart of Uncharted Seas is the search for the intangible – truth, beauty, love and freedom. Though the performance is separated into sections, the production in its entirety attempts to capture the essence of the “search”, through the ..Read More ›

Shiv Yin

Shiv Yin is a rare performance bringing China and India together through dance and music. It is a beautiful love story that traverses the emotions of love, anger, jealousy and ultimate union, through a vibrant interpretation of classical Indian and ..Read More ›

Stars in the New Sky

Over the last few years, there have been many determined and talented young amateurs who have used unique platforms to connect directly with new audiences and have bypassed mainstream vehicles such as films and recording labels. From being unknown, young ..Read More ›


Parikrama is a legendary rock band that plays classic rock-based music, fused with Indian instruments like the Tabla and the Violin, and has been around since 1991.


Purush is a curated piece with only male performers that will showcase their strength, power and masculinity. The theme is “Shiva - the Quintessential Man”. The dancers, selected by curator Tanusree Shankar, will be from India, and the piece will ..Read More ›

Rhythm Divine II -  River Runs Deep is a dance performance in collaboration with Pung Cholom drummers of the Shree Shree Govindajee Nat Sankirtan in Manipur. Deboo has been working with drummers for the last ten years, and it its ..Read More ›