Ephemeral: New Futures for Passing Images

The history of photography in India presents some unexplored, and unexpected gaps. One of the most understudied concepts is that of ‘vernacular’ photography—a term often applied to quotidian images. This exhibition seeks to broaden the engagement with the term ‘vernacular’ in order to think about how we can enhance our lens-culture and better understand the lesser known histories of photography.

To Die Upon a Kiss

To Die Upon a Kiss… is a Kathakali performance, based on the world famous tragedy Othello by William Shakespeare. Constituting one of the most prominent classical dance forms of India, Kathakali is characterised by elaborate make up, face-masks and costumes. The characters will be presenting edited scenes of Shakespeare’s play, touching upon the broad themes of downfall, betrayal, and love.


What happens when a woman enters the professional space of a form performed by men for the last 800 years? Akshayambara explores the representation of the feminine within the male-dominated practice of Yakshagana. Drawing from research and personal experience, the performance imagines a reversal of roles in the popular Yakshagana plot of Draupadi Vastrapaharana.