Between and Betwixt

In-betweenness of Betwixt and Between situation is related to liminality, is intermediary, transitional and hybrid. It has culturally recognised liminal state that occurs during rites of passage or transition.
Referring to the history, the most dominated chapter of Goan history is the Portuguese colonisation for 450 years. After the Portuguese intervention, Goan culture slowly become synonymous of the Indo-Portuguese culture as a third culture. The Goan residents found the space in the in-between space while negotiating with two structured world-view. The alliance between liminality and the very region is quite evident even today. The cultural inter exchange is moving deep toward much more complex stage by spreading in to various aspects. The growing interest towards the notion of modernity and temptation towards European citizenship are important aspects of current in-between situation. It is almost a constant battle between what is being served and what is needed. Also, the shift in aesthetical sense and the approach towards architectural structure, in its language, is indeed at the unsolved position. Due to exposure to the large world, drew a lot of influences in a larger perspective. But, the paradox of the situation is the unawareness of the current situation of Betwixt and Between.Whether the situation occur due to the crisis or a collapse of order or not, is for the time to decide. There are various layers, perspectives and connotations attached to it. Being a part of Goan culture it is relatable for Goa Artists Collective. Each artist can unfold the situation of Betwixt and Between, in their own language, in the age of creativity by posing the radical questions and by addressing the unquestioned aspects of life.

Goa Artists Collective

Founded in 2018 Goa Artists Collective is a self-declared imperative artists group formed to promote artistic experimentation and exchange. We aim to stand at the forefront of promotion of new contemporary art trends by organising exhibitions in Goa. The intention of us is to have a relationship with the local community, celebrate the architectural heritage of Goa by shifting exhibition spaces from one place to another, thus creating opportunities for public interactions and dissemination. The collective intends to gather art lovers and art practitioners from different parts of the world by establishing itself as a centre for artistic engagement in Goan land. In a way we intend to strengthen collaboration with other such art organisation and collectives. The collective also intends to promote the talent of recent artistic practices of young artists of Goa, which somehow remains lost and untouched in the contemporary times. The collective seeks to have these fresh voices be heard in the world he/she lives in. We also intend to build a platform, to present and to discuss art practices and themes. The collective intends to be a project, inspiring and educative in nature and uplift/boost the confidence of artistic voice to have a proper platform of its own and live in the art world of his/her own.

Image Credits: Goa Artists Collective