C Sharp C Blunt

Meet Shilpa- an attractive, interactive, user-friendly, and the most popular mobile phone app of 2018. Created using the latest technology, Shilpa will sing for you– in the flesh. She will hum the songs you want to hear in her sugary and husky voice, and shake her hips when you want her to as she dances to your favourite tune. Best of all, she behaves exactly the way women are supposed to behave in the eyes of  men; that is, until the next update is released.  Starring singer-actress MD Pallavi in her first ever solo performance, this one woman show is a witty, humorous, and satirical interrogation of what it is like being a woman in  the entertainment industry today. The Indo-German collaboration explores the realms of digital dramaturgy, repetition, and user choices to create a new hybrid form of theatre-meets-performance art. Try the app for yourself in a beta test that will have you roaring with laughter as Shilpa charms you with her sparkling personality.

Sandbox Collective ​is a Bangalore-based creative services organisation that curates, produces, and tours performances. It acts as a catalyst facilitating meaningful collaborations nationally and internationally between artists, cultural agencies, and arts spaces, creating innovative artistic expressions. Since its inception in 2013, Sandbox Collective has performed more than 550 shows across the country, as well as internationally.

Founded in 1992, Flinn Works is led by artistic director Sophia Stepf in close collaboration with Lisa Stepf (concept and networking), Konradin Kunze (concept and project direction) and Helena Tsiflidis (company management). It has independently produced and presented more than 20 productions in a wide range of different venues and festivals. Constantly engaging with current social and political issues, the company devises its work in collaboration with professional artists and performers. Flinn Works has expanded its activities beyond Europe, with the input of writers, performers, and musicians from other countries, including India, Bangladesh, Tanzania, and Nigeria.