Comedy Wagon

Special Event

The finest stand up comedians are back in Goa for an evening of laughter.

Anirban Dasgupta is a Mumbai-based engineer turned comedian and writer with who has performed extensively across the country for the last five years. Anirban has just released his one-hour stand-up special ‘Take It Easy’ on Amazon Prime to great reviews.

Part-time stock-broker, a dance enthusiast and a full-time Gujju who performs comedy on the weekends, Sonali Thakker is an exciting new comedy talent in India. Talking about grave topics like traveling, shopping, and chaprigiri in her sets, Sonali’s has performed on the biggest of stages in the country. In 2017, she took her special ‘Almost There’ to stage across the country.

Sourav Ghosh is a an Indian stand-up comedian and has performed across more than 500+ shows so far in clubs, auditoriums, corporates and festivals. Sourav launched his videos on YouTube in 2017 and has so far earned more than 4.5 million views and 50K subscribers. Sourav is a prolific comedy writer and he primarily performs his stand-up in English while also dabbling in Hindi punchlines from time to time. When it comes to making jokes on taboo or edgy subjects, Sourav Ghosh is not the guy who cops out from a good punchline. Sourav has written his one hour comedy show called ‘Mostly Death Jokes’, which is one of its kind and probably first dark comedy based solo show in India. Apart from doing live comedy, Sourav has also co-written a web series on Amazon prime called ‘Laakhon mein ek’ with fellow comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath.

Sumit flew (from another city) into the comedy scene 4 years ago, and has looked back many times since. Every time he thought of quitting comedy and fail as a musician instead, somebody booked him a show. A dedication to never plan has dragged him to perform across continents including and limited to – London, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and India.