Intimate Documents

It had been proclaimed that the photograph is dead, yet it thrives, as it morphs itself to the ever shifting contemporary. In many senses it is irreplaceable. Like ‘truth’ has reinvented itself, so has the photograph – only the ‘reality’ it refers to has changed. In the post-truth technoshpere, the photograph as a singular medium has been transformed by technology for some time now. The still photograph coexists with the moving image, sound and even animation, all of which are possible through a single device, and which is not only the classical camera, but can be a computer, a mobile phone, a spy cam, or a remote sensor placed almost anywhere. Technology which has changed the photograph, has changed not only what is seen, but also how it is seen. Intimate Documents will examine a few contemporary photography practices in India and the region, to relocate the photograph. It will, through engaging with specific practices, carve out ways in which the photograph continues to create meaning.

Photography Credits: Sohrab Hura, Sweet Life