Elephant in the Room

Master Tusk is a young boy, who has been given a new head- an elephant’s head. Confused and bewildered, he finds himself lost in the forest, where danger lurks at every turn. He encounters a motley couple- Makadi (spider) and Moork (poacher), a clumsy duo in search of a big-ticket ransom. They kidnap Master Tusk, but their scheme goes awry when a prophecy is revealed and changes everything. Amidst a cursed love affair, an encounter with an eccentric old elephant and a hunt for a missing head, Master Tusk sets off on an adventure that changes his life. But will he be able to carry his head on his shoulders? Inspired by the world of Indian mythology, Elephant in the Room pays homage to the beloved deity, Lord Ganapati, in this quirky and poignant reinterpretation of his story.

Yuki is an actor, teacher, movement director, and a filmmaker. She studied theatre at the Jaques Lecoq International School for Theatre in Paris, and London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). Yuki conducts training for various groups and practising actors in the creation of site- specific devised interventions, corporates, and highly specific workshops for theatre professionals. Yuki worked as an actress in Tim Supple’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, touring for three years with the show to the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Italy. She has performed with various theatre companies in Mumbai including The Company Theatre, The Industrial Theatre Company and Q Theatre Productions. As a Movement Director she has worked with UK’s leading opera company, Opera North, on their 2007 production of Mozart’s Magic Flute. Yuki is a founding member of the innovative production company Dur Se Brothers, which has produced the successful shows Charge! and Yatagarasu.