Love Prufrock

T.S Eliot’s ‘The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock’ examines the disillusionment of a man with the times he is living in. Derived from this literary masterpiece, the performance uses the interplay of the human body to understand the poem’s protagonist and the structures surrounding him. In the attempt to find Prufrock inside the performers’ bodies, residing alongside their own anxieties, the performance ends up creating multiple Prufrocks. All cramped inside this overwhelming world of ours, the fractured narrative is threaded delicately by swift movements through urban landscapes.
Third Space Collective (TSC) is a Delhi based group of theatre practitioners creating work that is relevant to the present time. The group was started in 2014, and since then the core idea has been to actively push ourselves to use all available resources at hand to create performances. Third Space Collective aims to put different art forms, ideas and people together. It is for this reason that they are constantly working towards collaborating theatre with other visual and aural art forms. They are also involved in facilitating workshops, curating performance laboratories, producing work for other groups and of course, creating performances.

Anannya Tripathyi has formally trained in Bharatnatyam for sixteen years, and has been passionately engaged with acting since her childhood. In association with Jñaña Právah, she has performed Sanskrit plays as a part of Kalidas Mahotsava. She has acted in the National Award winning movie Dharma, and now practices theatre with some of the leading groups in Delhi and directors of the city, namely Tadpole Repertory, Wide Aisle Productions,Turntable Productions, and Improper Fractions. Her most recent productions include The Brief History of the Pantomimes by Tadpole Repertory, Love Prufrock, and Dastaan-e-Bhookh by Third Space Collective.

Dhwani Vij is a theatre director, actor, performer based in Delhi. She holds a Masters degree in Theatre (specializing in Physical Theatre and Performance) from University of London, Royal Holloway College, UK. She has created acclaimed work with eminent theatre masters like Anuradha Kapoor, Khalid Tyabbji, Maya Rao, and Amitesh Grover.

Rahul Tewari is a theater and film actor, currently working as a freelancer in Delhi.

He has been a part of some of the highly acclaimed & award winning theatre productions, such as Dastaan-e-bhookh, Brief history of Pantomimes, Love-Prufrock, Still and Still Moving, and The Floating Market.  He has also been appreciated for his on screen work, appearing in multiple commercials for Flipkart, VIVO IPL, Vodafone and Orange Book Value. He has been featured in popular web series like ScoopWhoop’s Baked and Ramu ki Aaas as well.