Notes on Chai

Notes on Chai is a collection of snippets of everyday conversations inter woven with abstract sound explorations that attempt to relocate our relationship with the quotidian. The piece explores the inner and outer landscape of urban life through everyday conversations. The humour created through these details carries within it desires, fears and insecurities of the mundane that remain unsaid and yet palpable. The attempt is to create, through a series of portrayals, a collective sense of the everyday, which resonates with a universal sense of the ordinary across cultures and hopefully across different socio-economic strata. The abstract sound explorations in the piece are inspired from Tibetan throat singing , western overtones and extended vocal techniques.

Special Thanks: Khalid Tyabji and Jola Cynkutis (for work on the process), Dana Gita Stratil, Gyuoto Monks at Sidpur,  Patricia Rozario and  Parvesh Java for voice work, Arundhati Ghosh  and Shubham Roy Choudhary at the IFA,  Anmol Vellani , Sankalp Meshram,  Pallavi Singhal, Jagannathan Krishnan, Sachin Kamani, Rajshree , Seema Bhatia and  Rehaan Engineer.

Jyoti is a Mumbai-based artist, working in film, television, and theatre. Her theatre practice has moved towards making devised pieces which are not narrative or text based, but uses the self as a starting point. The works focus on urban Indian life and attempt to explore the inner and outer landscape of individual lives through metaphors created with the body, voice and text, inspired by the actors’ processes in the Grotowski tradition. In this endavournshe has been guided by her teachers Jola Cykuntis and Khalid Tybaji. She has been supported by Pro Helvetia- Swiss Arts Council, Goethe Institute New Delhi, annd Saison Foundation- Japan and India Foundation for the Arts.