Say, What?

Say, What? focusses on the interaction between two people who slide between using and abandoning codified language. As the audience encounters various conversations that are set up in space using sign language as a point of entry, the role of gesture is re-interpreted and demystified within the realm of communication. By lending itself to abstract proportions, this piece opens up a world of meaning making that is both embodied and visceral in nature.

Avantika Bahl is a dance practitioner based in Mumbai, where she creates her own work apart from teaching. She studied at the London Contemporary Dance School and has previously made a full length work {wonkot} and two short solos, 11048,M81 and Here, at the Gati Residency and Facets Residency respectively. She recently performed Meandering, a site-specific solo in collaboration with an architect for the opening of ‘When is Space,’ an exhibition on contemporary architecture in Jaipur.