• Urban Reimagined 2.0

    Curated By Ravi Agarwal

    Urban Reimagined 2.0 brings together two distinct artistic interventions by Sahil Naik and Achia Anzi. 38 Sinkings | Sahil Naik On 19 December 1961, Goa, along with Daman and Diu, was organised as a centrally administered union territory of India...

  • Look, Stranger!

    Curated By Rahaab Allana

    Look, Stranger! is a trans-media curatorial project that draws on the aesthetic ideologies and approaches to image-making and materiality as cultivated by the Bauhaus, which celebrates 100 years in 2019. The project will travel across South Asia (and its...

  • Goa Familia

    Special Project Curator: Lina Vincent

    The Goa Familia Project is conceived as an evolving archive that explores and documents the multidimensional aspects of family histories. Directed at seeking out physical material such as photographs, postcards, ancestral heirlooms and memorabilia, as well...

  • India on Film - Film Screenings

    Special Project Curator: Harkat Studios

    It happened about a decade ago, ‘film’ as a medium was discarded by the film industry, almost overnight. Decades worth of knowledge, equipment and processes were...

  • The Merchant of Images

    Special Project Curator: Aradhana Seth

    Artist and curator, Aradhana Seth’s mobile photo studio project ‘The Merchant of Images’ is an ongoing transnational conversation, led by the act of photography. Seth invites the public into the slower, more considered space of the...

  • Image Journeys: The Conquest of the World as Picture

    Curated By Dr. Jyotindra Jain

    The exhibition offers a critical viewing of popular Indian imagery at the turn of the twentieth century in the construction of its social and national identities. This includes...

  • Look Outside This House

    Curated By Sudarshan Shetty

    This project aims to present indigenous inventions and informal industries that have origins in catering to real life circumstantial needs with lasting social impact on communities at large. The exhibition will highlight the need to support and nurture...

  • Counter-Canon Counter-Culture: Alternative Histories of Indian Art

    Curated By Nancy Adajania

    The history of postcolonial Indian art is usually told from within the confines of the art world, as a sequence of long-lived styles and...

  • Concrete Skies

    Curated By HH Art Spaces

    The highway leading in and out of Panjim—National Highway no.17 or ironically renamed route 66—with its many branches of flyovers and exit roads, has created the impression that we might as well be getting ready for war. It is not an easy...

  • Weftscapes: Jamdani Across New Horizons

    Curated By Pramod kumar K G

    Weftscapes examines a fresh approach to the creation and making of Jamdani fabrics, both in its weaving, choice of raw materials, patterns, designs and the end-product—a...

  • Kindling Change: Fired Material Design Interventions in Ceramics and Glass for Living Sustainable Craft

    Curated By Kristine Michael

    The exhibition will seek to uncover a hidden narrative of transnational modernism in ceramics and glass within a national art history, which...

  • Shadow Play

    Special Project Curator: Anurupa Roy

    Shadow Play is an exploration of the technique of shadow puppets as intricate works of craft, illustrators of narratives and metaphors for good and bad. Who is good and who is bad in the oral narratives that are told with these shadows or are there...

  • St+art Goa

    Special Project Curator: St+art India Foundation

    Over the past five years, one of St+art India Foundation’s primary missions has been to transform urban spaces into public art districts to create art accessible to everyone. Using key elements that are characteristic to the cultural fabric of...

  • Mundo Goa

    Special Project Curator: Vivek Menezes

    The history of India's western coastline is written in the ebb and flow of ocean tides, and the constant passage of voyagers who profoundly shaped the history and culture of the ancient entrepôt called Goa. At the very heart of this...

  • Call to Disorder: Experiments in Practice and Research

    Special Project Curator: Vidya Shivadas

    Call to Disorder is an outcome of the annual courses conducted by Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art, in collaboration with Serendipity Arts Foundation, over the past three...

  • Virtuality as Reality

    Curated By Jessica Castex and Odile Burluraux

    Invited to participate in the Serendipity Festival, the Musée d’Art moderne de Paris offers an exhibition entitled Virtuality as Reality. Based on a selection of films from the museum's collection, the project reflects the idea of...

  • Dharti Arts Residency

    Curated By Serendipity Arts Foundation

    Dharti Arts Residency is a three-month artists’ residency based in New Delhi. Conceptualised as an intensive, studio-based residency for emerging artists, Dharti provides its residents space and resources to develop their practice, work on a new...

  • Winds of Change – Sound Interventions

    Curated By Sneha Khanwalkar

    Winds of Change is an interactive spinning object that is made up of metal, wood, cloth, sensors, audio chips, and mikes. As a whirling device, Winds of Change intends for...

  • Imagined Documents

    Curated By Ravi Agarwal

    Looking at the staged photograph that flits between reality and fiction, the show aims to focus on works that employ various sorts of strategies and techniques to tell their story. These could involve recreating scenes from memory, constructing elaborate...

  • Form, Metaphor, Memory: An exhibition of work created through the Serendipity Arts Foundation Goan Artists’ Grant

    Form, Metaphor, Memory showcases works by the awardees of the Goan Artists’ Grant, instituted by Serendipity Arts Foundation in 2019....

  • Pierre Friquet, Jean-Baptiste Friquet & Kannakee // Sea of Serenity

    Curated By HH Art Spaces

    Performance by Pierre Friquet and Kannakee, with live-video broadcast by Jean-Baptiste Friquet (Bruxelles). Installation: 17-22...

  • Madhu Das // Room to Breathe

    Curated By HH Art Spaces

    The performance explores the idea of how an intangible value becomes a tangible form in relation to time. Madhu Das explores the moments in the interregnum, between the transfiguration of form and state, unfolding the question of how we define our self in...

  • Raghu Wodeyar // In conversation with

    Curated By HH Art Spaces

    Performance Schedule 15 December, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM 16-20 December, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM 21-22 December, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Comfort and intensity are...


    Curated By HH Art Spaces

    15th December ,4pm - 5pm  16th, 17th, 18th December ,11pm - 4pm  21st, 22nd December , 11pm - 4pm  Birthing  Constructing  Destroying   Relaxing   Seeing  Not...

  • Antonio E Costa: Beyond Boundaries – Mundo Goa

    Special Project Curator: Vivek Menezes

    Antonio E Costa was born in Malawi, raised in Kenya, and has spent most of the following decades living and practicing both art and architecture in an astonishing array of...

  • O Retorno – Mundo Goa

    Special Project Curator: Vivek Menezes

    In the middle of the last century, at least 200,000 Goans lived in both British and Portuguese colonial East Africa, with the largest concentrations in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola and Mozambique. With decolonization came wrenching exodus, with many...


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