The practice of using found objects to create a work of art finds its origins in modernist art movements of the twentieth century. Avant-garde filmmakers adopted the practice using found film footage in other contexts to create new meaning. The process of assemblage became a means for filmmakers to critique the dominant cultural zeitgeist. At the Serendipity Arts Festival, Harkat presents an opportunity for filmmakers to work with found footage and help them to reimagine and reconstruct it. The 6 day long workshop comprises of participants learning about the practices of found footage filmmaking as well as putting it into practice. This will be a complete ‘jugaad’ workshop where art history in found footage has not been able to lay down any rules, allowing participants anarchy in form; to open their minds to the medium and to the ideas it evokes. These films will be screened at the end of the festival. The process of creating a collage film by juxtaposing found footage from disparate sources is a special and fulfilling endeavour for any filmmaker or artist to undertake.