Ek -
Minute Film Workshop



15 - 22 DEC
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Old GIM, Ribander


Special Project Curator: Harkat Studios

Presenting a case for 16mm film is akin to presenting a case for cinema itself. Everything from experimental film to cineme verite documentary to pornography were created on the medium. The digitalisation of cinema has led to 16mm film being pushed to the fringes of the artform. Despite this, the medium still holds a special place in the cinematic universe. Now existing outside the mainstream (if you don’t count Aronofosky’s Black Swan, Wes Anderson’s Beasts of the Southern Wild or Motwane’s Udaan), working on 16mm film allows for artistic freedom and experimentation. Engaging with it today represents more than just indulging in nostalgia. It represents a chance to explore an aesthetic that no other medium provides. And more so, to include the medium as part of your cinematic language.

At this year’s Serendipity Arts Festival, Harkat Studios will provide an opportunity for filmmakers to etch their own mark in the ongoing story of celluloid. We will be conducting a 16mm film workshop that will allow Goan filmmakers a chance to create their own 1 minute silent, short film. For any filmmaker wishing for a chance to grow, challenge themselves and wanting to reconnect with the medium, the 16mm film workshop provides a unique opportunity to realise their ideas on 40 feet of film.