Matters of Hand : Craft, Skill and Design

This exhibition will highlight how material handcrafts in India are experienced through objects of utility through collaborations between craftspeople, designers, and artists, as well as independent works. The objects will be exhibited in an installation that references the domestic environment comprising of furniture, utensils, materials, and tools for making. Each object is imbued with a story that embodies a thought process, a skill, an individual, a community and become extensions of the creators themselves. Works range from the innovative to the everyday, to high and low, to rough and smooth, and the intuitive to formal, made for the 21st century. Techniques and process represent regional rural and urban craftsmanship, using indigenous materials that draw from the Indian landscape such as wood, earth, marble, metals, or natural fibres. Sustainable practices and environmental concerns are further explored through the use of recycled materials and objects.