Detritus: Matter Out of Place

SAF Special Project

Using Mary Douglas’s famous statement “Dirt is Matter out Place”, this exhibition looks at the displacements that occur when artists work with the aesthetics of waste, foreground its materials and politics, turning it into figure of radical indeterminacy.

The term detritus in that sense is defined as waste and dead matter derived from the grazing food chain. The energy contained in detritus is not lost to the ecosystem as a whole, rather it serves as the source of energy. In a process of constant transformation, detritus produces its own aesthetics and generative afterlives.

Vidya Shivadas is a curator based in New Delhi. After her Bachelors in Sociology from Delhi University and a Masters in Art Criticism from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University of Baroda, she joined Vadehra Art Gallery in 2002. She has curated exhibitions at the Gallery which include Something I’ve been meaning to tell you (with Sunil Gupta), April 2011; Faiza Butt, Ruby Chishti, Masooma Syed (three Pakistani women artists), April 2009; Fluid Structures: Gender and Abstraction in India, April 2008; among others. In 2009, she was a guest curator at Devi Art Foundation and worked on the solo exhibition of Bangladeshi artist Mahbubur Rahman.