Fermented Frontier

The premise of Fermented Frontier is sci-fi- a trope of aliens who can con human forms. It is a series of performance walks that originate in a bookshop/library, and spill over to the streets and congregate over tea/coffee. An interactive installation of the sounds, dramatic texts, visuals and movements of conversations in multiple languages – from the performance walks – starts to grow in different spaces spread over many geographies. It takes off from the sci-fi plot of alien invasions and the ensuing colonisation, surveillance and resistance. Any sci-fi plot with aliens in human forms is about how the concept of reality and normalcy in relation to other things changes.

Lawai BemBem has been working in theatre for the last 14 years. She’s been the international playwright resident at Royal Court Theatre, London and The Lincoln Center’s Directors Lab, New York. She is a recipient of the Charles Wallace Fellowship and Robert Bosch Art Grant. Her English translation of Manipur’s nupi maanbi (indigenous transwoman) artist and activist Santa Khurai’s Yellow Sparrow (Sendraang Hangaampaan in Meeteilon) is forthcoming.