Now You See It!: The Invisible River of Konkani Surrealism

Now You See It!: The Invisible River of Konkani Surrealism foregrounds interconnected dialogues that  distinguish Goa’s artists, and their profound –  yet barely recognized –  contributions to  the modern and contemporary art landscape of the subcontinent. It includes thirty artists from Laxman Pai and Vamona Navelcar in their 90’s to Vineeta Chendvankar and Bhisaji Ghanekar in their 20’s, whose works represent the entire gamut of mediums and individual practices. Together, and understood in entirety, it allows today’s spectacularly accomplished artists from Goa to be understood and appreciated as a product of the state’s distinct cultural evolution, which only occasionally dovetails with the rest of the country.

Vivek Menezes is a widely published writer, photographer, critic, and co-founder and curator of the annual Goa Arts + Literature Festival. He is a frequent contributor to leading publications in India and abroad, as well as a weekly columnist for the Times of India. He was born in Bombay, went to high school in New York, and holds degrees from Wesleyan University and the London School of Economics. His debut book of non-fiction will be published in 2018 by Penguin Random House. Vivek lives in his ancestral Goa along with his wife and three sons, very close to where the Mandovi River opens up to meet the Arabian Sea.