Panjim 175

Special Project

The heritage city of Panjim has a unique cultural and social history, both within the context of the former Estado da India Portuguesa (1510 -1961) and the post-Liberation period as the capital of India’s smallest state. 2018 marks the 175th anniversary of the ascent of the riverside urban entity to the status of “urbs prima” in the territory, as well as within a vast maritime arc that stretches from Mozambique to Macau. The traders of the city and its nascent institutions were entirely global in their outlook and ambit, which is another difference between Panjim and so many other small cities scattered throughout the subcontinent.

Panjim 175 will address the urgent need to analyze, commemorate and celebrate the meaning and context of the city, both for its historical and cultural value, as well as an example of several intriguing “best practices” that have evolved over generations to serve as an outstanding example to the rest of the country.