Planetary Sculpture Picnic

Eating in the anthropocene is a 90 minute eating experience where visitors are introduced to the concept of the anthropocene: that human activities are so extensive we are leaving a geological record. Through 4 courses visitors will experience concepts and flavours for eating in a new way, one which not only minimizes our impact on the planet, but actively attempts to heal it.
The experience begins with the question of what our environment tastes like. What are the flavor properties of our polluted land, air and water. Then we look back at some of the ways we got to this point, via chemistry and the green revolution. We re-look at the value of cover crops and imagine how our agri-culture could be not only harmless but also restorative. Finally, we ask the question of what our own bodies taste like to the other organisms that consume small parts of us every day, and all of us when we die. We put our bodies back into the planetary agro-ecosystem.