Site Matters: A Performance Workshop

In this short three-day workshop, guided by two experienced practitioners, participants will work in small groups to consider how a performance might be conceived in response to a specific site in or around the environs of the festival. Given the limited length of time available the emphasis of the workshop will not be on producing finished works but will look to making short speculative performance experiments that will generate further ideas and discussion.

Participants will have some technical support in this but will be expected to be resourceful and innovative in your use of materials and the opportunities afforded by the site. Resulting experiments will be shared with fellow participants and the public through presentations on the final evening, followed by a seminar the following morning led by the workshop leaders and other members of the festival team. Because of the collaborate nature of the work it is essential that participants commit to the full three days of the workshop and attend the post presentation seminar.


The participants could be drawn from a variety of experience and backgrounds. They could be from local groups, under-graduate or post-graduate students from theatre, performance, fine art and communication courses. They do not have to all be performer /actors. It would be very good to include those interested in sound, light and materials as well as technology. The overriding criteria would be an interest in exploring performance beyond traditional boundaries and in unusual spaces.