StopLookGo // Avantika Bahl & Deepak Thomas

StopLookGo is a site specific intervention. It is performative in nature, but the premise of this is also questioning the line between functionality and performativity in movement. While there are some site specific works that are built to be a direct response to the site, the performers of StopLookGo engage with the site in real time as a first encounter. What is exciting is to watch what unfolds and how each of the participants react to a set of instructions with their own unique vocabulary.  This throws up a set of discoveries for the participants to respond to, then and there, which is what makes the work unique and original.

Avantika Bahl is a dance practitioner based in Mumbai, where she makes her own work and teaches. She studied at the London Contemporary Dance School and has previously made a full-length work, Wonkot and two short solos, 11048,M81 and Here, at the Gati residency and Facets residency respectively. She also recently performed Meandering, a site-specific solo in collaboration with an architect for the opening of ‘When is Space’, an exhibition on Contemporary architecture in Jaipur. She is faculty at Future School of Performing Arts. Say, What? is her current work that she has been touring with since March 2017.

Deepak had his first brush with films right from his school years, where he shot films on a Sony Handycam with Digital 8 tapes. He continued his film studies at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.  His first professional experience in the world of films was as an assistant director on the critically acclaimed Hindi feature film, Kahaani [2012]. This was followed by a mix of assignments as an AD and as a cinematographer, before he found himself directing commercials. He is passionate about films and has a keen eye for detail, which manifests itself in his work and translates well for advertising. If a project interests him and gives him the scope to do something new, he pours all his creative energies into it to make it the best film possible, not without making it his own.