To be Danced in Rooms // Anoushka Kurien

To Be Danced in Rooms lies in the space between why we move and the need to begin dancing, ranging between impulse and what becomes interaction. The work comes out of questions around movement identity, gender and repetitive visual self-representation. It is a solo, performed live along with video. ‘Rooms / Composing Chores,’ is a movement portrait for video that continues from ‘To Be Danced’ in its exploration of body, space and interaction. It looks at the everydayness of having an artistic practice while negotiating the rest of life in a city. Slowly the location, rhythm and humour of the daily chore and the person attending to it becomes important. Drawing attention to the space you occupy or imagine you could. Although explored in two formats – one as a live performance and the other as a video installation – the two pieces run parallel lives.

Anoushka Kurien lives and works in Chennai. Her practice of choreography, performing and teaching is centered around the body in performance. Prior to a diploma (Dance-Studies) from Trinity-Laban, London, Anoushka worked with choreographer Padmini Chettur from 2003 to 2015, and has performed in projects of visiting choreographers. Her choreographic works include Restricted View (London, Bangalore, Chennai, 2011-12) and All this for nothing except for dance. (an IBSA collaboration, Johannesburg, 2011). Anoushka’s practice reflects a new generation of dancers with a rigorous and self-reflective approach to dance and dance making. She has been a guest of danceWEB residency (Vienna), Attakkalari Biennial choreographic residency (Bangalore), ArtsAlive choreographic residency (Johannesburg) and Artist Platform (Berlin). She teaches movement for young children and collaborates with the artist collective Basement21, performing and facilitating projects that engage the small but insistent contemporary art community in Chennai