Andar Baahar

Andar Baahar

Venue Across Panjim
Discipline Special Project
Project by Harkat Studio

Date 15 Dec | 16 Dec | 17 Dec | 18 Dec | 19 Dec | 20 Dec | 21 Dec | 22 Dec | 23 Dec
Time 12:00 pm - 12:00 am

Imagine a woman sleeping in the grass – comfortable, at leisure, not stared at – a dream. 

Covers of shade, a bench amidst concrete and (a semblance of) safety, sometimes make public spaces feel inclusive. They feel like yours, to take up and look at. But in a social climate where unspoken hostilities become public norms, several communities aren’t free to occupy space in the same way. Design, proportion, gender, patriarchy, caste and class are all things to look at, to measure, to discern. 
‘Andar Baahar’ is programmed by Harkat Studios. Through a curated selection of films to be screened in public spaces, filmic installations, an analog “expanded cinema” performance and workshops, Harkat intends to loiter through audio-visual mediums and to activate and claim the spaces we occupy. 
Lead Curator: Simran Ankolkar
Curatorial team: Oishee Nandy, Simar Gill, Sheba Alexander, Karan Talwar
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