Chilika Dialogues

Chilika Dialogues

Venue Old GMC Complex
Discipline Special Project
Project by Serendipity Arts Grant
Artists Pinaki Ranjan Mohanty

Date 15 Dec | 16 Dec | 17 Dec | 18 Dec | 19 Dec | 20 Dec | 21 Dec | 22 Dec | 23 Dec
Time 12:00 pm - 12:00 am

The site-specific installations for Chilika Dialogues were developed and supported by the Serendipity Artist Grant (Visual Arts Research) and are currently being executed in different part of Lake Chilika, Odisha. Through this project display, the attempt will be to think-through the installation not only as a culmination of Chilika Dialogues, executed during the grant period, but also to incorporate core elements from which the project was realised such as the important poets, leaders, events and case-studies associated with the conversations around Lake Chilika through an immersive installation.  
Artist: Pinaki Ranjan Mohanty

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