Chippi, the Chipkali

Chippi, the Chipkali

Venue Old GMC Complex
Discipline Theatre
Curated by Quasar Thakore Padamsee

Date 20 Dec
Time 11:00 am - 01:40 pm

While playing one day, Chippi, a baby lizard, is shooed away. People think she is scary and ugly. In shock, Chippi loses her tail. Everyone starts calling her names, as she is tailless now. She feels sorry for herself and cries in a dark corner. Chippi knows she has to get a tail. So what will she do to get her tail back? Will Chippi be beautiful again? 

Presented by Ranga Shankara’s "AHA!" Theatre for Children 
Director: Gertrude Tröbingern 
Dramaturg: S Surendranath 
Actors: Mario, Mayura 
Production Manager: Anil B 
Light Design & Execution: Arun Murthy 
Music Operation: Venkatesh Prasad 

Non-verbal, for children 4+ years of age 
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