Venue Old GMC Complex
Discipline Dance
Curated by Mayuri Upadhya
Artists Nilava Sen

Date 20 Dec
Time 09:00 pm - 09:30 pm

Entheos, derived from Greek, translates as full of God, or God is within yourself. The Greeks
used it as a term in praise of poets and other artistes. The performance ‘Entheos’ is an amalgamation of two different yet interlinked mystic philosophies of Sufism, and that followed by Baul minstrels. Both of this philosophies believe that God is only within yourself. As Sufis express their love for the Supreme Being through their unique songs and dance, Bauls also express themselves through a unique style of song and dance. This is a work in progress that will be premiered at Serendipity Arts Festival 2022.
Dancer: Nilava Sen
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