Venue The Arena at Nagalli Hills Ground
Discipline Music
Project by Durga Jasraj

Date 16 Dec
Time 08:20 pm - 09:20 pm

Tiranga is a musical and poetic depiction of the Indian flag, its colours, its essence and the role it plays as a unifying force, giving a unique identity to the country in a global context. Marking 75 years of India’s independence, the flag and what it represents was created in the hopes of evoking feelings of pride, unity and belonging. The lineup of musicians in this performance will bring to life an inspiring contemporary interpretation to each of the elements of the tricolour. 

Conceived by: Durga Jasraj
Producers: Durga Jasraj & Neeraj Jaitly
Conceived by Durga Jasraj
In collaboration with Pandit Jasraj Cultural Foundation
Anchor: Durga Jasraj
Performers: Sanjeev Abhyankar (Vocal), Shashank Subramanyam (Flute), Devaki Pandit (Vocal), Bickram Ghosh (Tabla), V Selvaganesh (Kanjira), Ambi Subramaniam (Violin), Sunita Bhuyan (Violin), Ankita Joshi (Vocal)
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