Goa Familia: Let the Sound Linger

This year, Goa Familia is dedicated to encapsulating music and song as the quintessence of the Goan spirit, employing performance as a lens through which to interpret cultural and communal experiences. Viewed through a prism of family archives and public records, the exhibition navigates a wide cross-section of musical histories. It journeys from enduring folk art forms to the glamorous eras of Bombay Jazz and Bollywood and explores traditional choral groups born from the teachings of parochial music schools, not forgetting the Portuguese-inspired lyrical narratives of Mando and Fado. Furthermore, it delves into the origins of these musical traditions, highlighting the vibrant temple music, the artisans crafting the instruments, and the music shops that were instrumental in disseminating these cultural treasures across the greater subcontinent.
Our story meanders through recollections of exuberant wedding bands and resonant Konkani tunes on the radio, tracing the broad echoes of Goan music throughout South Asia and beyond. We invite you to let the sound linger, unfolding a world where each note, rhythm, and silence offers a profound glimpse into the spirited heart of Goa.

Awaz gazum-di
Step into the rhythm of Goan music, where the fusion of vocal and instrumental melodies and vibrant dance encapsulates a distinctive harmony. Goa's cultural ethos is steeped in diverse performing arts and folk traditions, all evolving from a shared heritage that converge in this region. This unique syncretism incorporates indigenous beats and folk, augmented by European and various international influences, creating a sound that the Goan diaspora carried along with them, enriching it further with every new shore they touched. These melodious strains are not mere sounds but are the heartbeats of daily life, as well as auspicious rituals of the land – transcending and overlapping religious identity.

Curated by: Lina Vincent and Akshay Mahajan

Dates: 15 - 23 December 2023

Time: 11 AM - 8 PM

Venue: Excise Building

Past Program