Serendipity Arts Festival

Farmer's Market

Serendipity Arts Festival 2019 brings to Goa an initiative to showcase agricultural produce intrinsic to the sustainability of the Goan region. Please feel free to apply by filling up the form below if you would like to showcase produce, fermented and cured foods, artisanal beverages, artisanal food items, local recipes or any practices that you feel can help build awareness about Sustainability and the region.  

This project is for you if you have an initiative, project or a passion that:

  • Contributes to thriving local economies and sustainable livelihood for the region by exploring local, unknown or forgotten vegetables and fruits, or by researching indigenous rice varieties.
  • Protects the rich diversity of both plants and animals, along with a focus on their welfare through Organic farming or sustainable urban farm practices. 
  • Avoids damage or waste of natural resources Or contributes to climate change by using waste to create daily, utilitarian tings / or composting to reduce waste
  • Provides social benefits such as good quality food, safe and healthy products and educational opportunities like creative awareness about healthy eating and region specificity of produce.
  • Loves food and hate waste? 

Curated by Prahlad Sukhtankar with Curatorial Advisor Vivek Menezes for Serendipity Arts Festival 2019 

To Participate Please Fill The Form

Artisanal BeveragesArtisanal Food items (Raw or naturally processed)Fermented / Cured / Preserved foods ( incl. dried or cured meat)Indigenous rice varieties / ancient grainsLocal ProduceLocal recipesAny other Sustainability practices in food

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