Image Journeys: The Conquest of the World as Picture

CURATED BY Dr. Jyotindra Jain

COLLECTIONS Sanskriti Foundation, New Delhi; Priya Paul Archives; Jyotindra and Jutta Jain Collection.

15 - 22 DEC

The exhibition offers a critical viewing of popular Indian imagery at the turn of the twentieth century in the construction of its social and national identities. This includes approximately 200 images and objects, including nineteenth and twentieth-century engravings, chromolithographs, oleographs, photographs, calendars, trade and product labels, postcards, film posters, textiles and porcelain figures. The exhibition’s underlying concept demonstrates how the printing and mass circulation of images widely influenced the nature of belief and worship in India and eventually even acted as powerful vehicle in shaping the independence movement and the diverse ideologies of patriotism.