As an artiste, Mayuri Upadhya has witnessed and participated in festivals where dance is defined only by its form and skill.

As a curator, her desire is to break that pattern and go beyond. The concept of recreating a street dance battle is a small way in which dance can be accessed and processed differently.

Today, terms like groove, funk, vibe, soul, bogey, etc. find an entry into our everyday vocabulary. Reality shows and movies add to the trending phenomenon of street dancing. On one count it is the range of forms, their accessibility and quirky style that make them attractive but on another, their context, evolution and intent is equally fascinating. They have a story to tell and their bodies... an effective outlet.

By definition, street dance is a style—regardless of country of origin. But the history of how forms like hip-hop\break and other variants under its umbrella evolved tells the story of how hidden angst became a powerful mode of artistic expression, transforming violence into a movement and celebrating the potential of dance to unite human sprit.

The exhibition battle scene is a celebration of the ethos of street dancing. Hip-hop, popping and locking, whacking, break, krump, B-boying and contouring are styles that will come together in a cypher accompanied by a beat boxer and a DJ. The rooftop of a multi-level car park is chosen as an attempt to draw the audience into a more unique and intimate experience. Elaborating further on the street art tradition is a collaboration with a graffiti artiste who will express their inspiration on the surrounding walls.

The following day, two street style performers will travel on makeshift graffiti painted trucks jamming their way with a live musician. The synergy and positive vibe surrounding the battle scene will enchant the audience!

On the Move has been commissioned by Serendipity Arts Festival.