Eternal Manipuri

This performance will showcase a range of rituals and traditions from Manipur. These include the dances performed at Lai-Haraoba, an annual festival celebrated at the shrines of the old sylvan gods known as Laibungs; Dhol-Cholom, a drum dance essential to the festivities of Holi or Yaosang as it is called in Manipur; Pung-Cholom, a classical dance featuring complex rhythms, jumps, and aerial leaps, drawing upon the important ritual character of the pung, a cylindrical drum or Manipuri mridanga; and finally the eponymous Maha Raas, a particularly significant Raas Leela performed in Manipur, narrating the story of the disappearance of Lord Krishna and the Gopis’ eventual union with the Lord. 

Curated by Geeta Chandran


  • L. Monika Devi  
  • Kh. Sandhya Devi 
  • Th. Nirupama Chanu              
  • L. Pinubala Chanu                 
  • T. Piyainu Chanu                    
  • Th. Parul Devi                         
  • O. Debala Devi                      
  • G. Chandan Devi                   
  • Y. Geetarani Devi                  
  • Nirina Yambem                      
  • R.K. Roshali Devi                  
  • Babina Chanam                                        
  • A. Priyarani Devi                    
  • O. Jiten Singh                        
  • N. Surendrajit Singh              
  • M. Momocha Singh               
  • Anantakumar Longjam          
  • S. Rahul Singh                       
  • Ng. Sunil Singh                      
  • Nk. Surjit Singh                      
  • T. Nanaotomba Singh           
  • L. Kala Singh                         
  • R.K. Nilakanta Singh             
  • M. Khomeiton Singh              
  • O. Joy Singh                          
  • Ak. Ibomcha Singh                
  • Th. Nokuljeet Singh               
  • P. Meghachandra Singh       
  • M. Brojen Mangang 

Light Design: Gyandev Singh

Date: 18 December 2023

Time: 7 PM - 8 PM

Venue: The Arena at Nagalli Hills Ground

Past Program