Mann Mohyo Sawaro

This concert drawing on Haveli Sangeet traces musical expressions that emerged in the 16th & 17th centuries through the exchange of musical ideas among temple, folk, and classical music streams prevalent in North India. With a fully acoustic and rich soundscape, each composition unveils various aesthetic values of Indian music and heritage. The spirit of Bhakti towards Lord Krishna and the enriching musical expressions of our cultural heritage shape the undercurrent of this production.

Haweli Sangeet depicts the devotion and celebration of Krishnaleela and is often inspired by the Dhrupad‐Dhamar style of classical music. Doyens like Pt. Jasraj, Acharya Gokulotsav Maharaj, and Vidushi Shruti Sadolikar widely popularised this genre in the 20th century.

Curated by: Bickram Ghosh

Date: 20 December 2023

Time: 8 PM - 9 PM

Venue: Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir


  • Vinay Ramadasan
  • Anuja Zokarkar
  • Saumitra Kshirsagar
  • Sandeep Kulkarni
  • Omkar Dalvi
  • Umesh Warbhuvan
  • Aditya Apte
  • Aman Raithatha
  • Harshad Kulkarni

Past Program