Open Air Library

The Open Air Library by Bookworm, housed in the Children’s Pavilion installation by Public Art grantee Ruturaj Parikh in the Art Park, will offer curated collections of books for reading and browsing. The space will host read alouds, performances, and activities involving reading, writing, and listening. As part of this project, there will also be a Visual Arts Table encouraging children to express themselves using paint, drawing and print-making tools, resulting in individual/collaborative books, individual pieces of art for framing, book covers, collaborative murals, etc; a Stitch & Take Corner helping kids make cloth bags, improvisational stitch diary covers with personalised motifs, bookmarks through collaborative stitch circles; a Process Centre featuring ‘how to’ books and activities like making origami toys from trash, fireless food using everyday science, and dolls using various materials; a corner for Poetry that inviting kids to discover found poetry, black out poetry, spoken word, etc; and finally a space for Play and Movement where the act of reading will turn into a full body engagement through improv activities, dance performances, theatre games, and story-time featuring dress-up and costume props. To find out more, visit the Children’s Pavilion at the Art Park! 

Project by Bookworm

Dates: 15 - 23 December 2023

Time: 11 AM - 6 PM

Venue: The Children’s Pavilion at the Art Park

Past Program