Ouinch Ouinch: Happy Hype

Dressed in long black lace skirts, brightly coloured hats, and extravagant sunglasses, the Ouinch Ouinch Collective, true wild-party-enthusiasts, take to the stage. They all act as “Ouinch”, medieval-fashion fairy witches who are mischievous, ridiculous, and seductive.

Between reinvented traditional dances and a quirky clubbing atmosphere, the performers mix genres and eras without taking themselves too seriously, determined to bewitch the audience around them.

With Ouinch Ouinch, derision is worn with class. Their motto: to proclaim their singularity loud and clear, and to spread their furious joie de vivre as far as possible through powerful, energising dance. Swept along by the strength of the group, the audience is invited to experience a collective euphoria that celebrates the exhilarating, unifying power of music and dance.

Happy Hype is inspired by the Hype Call, a practice derived from the Krump culture: a dance born in the 90s in the suburbs of Los Angeles, where dancers, driven by the encouragement of those around them, reach a state of trance. Carried along by the urban Afro and hip-hop rhythms mixed by the electrifying DJ Mulah, the collective give their all and share the mad, contagious pleasure they have in celebrating bodies in motion. It's vibrating, it's swaying, it's glowing!

Wild, urban, queer, Happy Hype is a blast of energy, a call to let go, an invitation to reclaim your body and your person. Get ready, the Collectif Ouinch Ouinch has just arrived and is determined to make you dance!

Supported by: Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, boxout.fm and The Embassy of Switzerland in India and Bhutan under the initiative “SwitzerlandIndia 75: Success Stories to Be Continued” 

Further Support: Fondation l'Abri, Geneva; le FAR, Nyon; Festival Belluard Bollwerk, Fribourg  

Date: 23 December 2023

Time: 7 PM - 8 PM

Venue: The Theatre, Old GMC Complex

Choreography, Concept:

Marius Barthaux

Maud Hala Chami

Karine Dahouindji

Simon Peretti

Adél Juhász

Collin Cabanis

Live music by Maud Hala Chami

Production: Association Compagnie des Marmots, Geneva

Past Program


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