Reimagined Coastal Food

The workshop will be centered around Red Snapper Ceviche and Sasam Salad from Slow Tide. These dishes exemplify blending local origins with innovative techniques, aligning with Slow Tide's ethos inspired by Anjuna's 60s cultural blend. The ceviche highlights the amalgamation of Goan fish curry sauce and technique, evoking a sense of familiarity while showcasing Goa's colonial history and Peru's influence. The Sasam Salad, a lesser-known local summer delight, employs seasonal fruits for body cooling which is now eaten year round. The workshop will emphasise merging traditional dishes with modern approaches, offering a unique culinary experience. Divided into segments, it will entail a brief explanation, a live demonstration of both dishes, and a tasting session, engaging participants in a sensory exploration of culture, flavour, and technique.

Curated by Thomas Zacharias and the Locavore Team

Facilitated by Chef Abhishek Deshmane

Date: 16 December 2023

Time: 4 PM - 5 PM

Venue: The Food Lab, Old GMC Complex

Past Program