Serendipity Soundscapes is a unique initiative by Serendipity Arts Festival. Our music curators are invited to bring together the unique sounds of the subcontinent in an extraordinary evening. A series of music compositions by artists performed in a studio like set-up with a band and accompanying artists performed in front of a live audience. These compositions could be covers or even new tracks commissioned under the Serendipity banner. 

Expressions of many shades and layers of romance and love have found voice in classical Indian poetry and continue to form an integral part of folk song-texts. Some of the most erotic poetry has also been written and sung. The twentieth and twenty-first centuries have seen similar artistic expressions, but the imagery and description has incorporated elements from a rapidly changing world. Thus, imagery from nature and intimate exchanges between lovers coexist with allusion to social and political situations that we find ourselves in.

The selection of Hindi poems set to tune specially for this performance hopes to bring to the listener a variety of expressions of love that have found place in poetry.