Old Goa Institue of Management

Known by various names at various points in its long history – the Royal Portuguese Hospital, the Hospital of All Saints, and Our Lady of Mercy – it is perhaps the oldest hospital in Asia, established in 1681, from where doctors and modern European ideas of health and hygiene spread across the Indian Ocean, from Mozambique to Macau. In 1993, the complex became home to the Goa Institute of Management (which has, meanwhile, moved to Panaji). While the complex includes many structures of a later date, the main building and its adjoining retain roughly the original schema. This beautiful venue, which fronts the river – vistas of which are afforded by the generous bay windows on its upper floor – is one of the main hub of Serendipity Arts Festival 2018, housing a host of exciting exhibitions, sound installations, performance art and speaker series.

Events at Old Goa Institue of Management