Winds of
Change – Sound Interventions


CURATED BY Sneha Khanwalkar


15 - 22 DEC
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Children’s (Art) Park, Panjim 


Curated By Sneha Khanwalkar

A motor powered mobile sculpture is suspended from a height or upon a tree. Hanging from it are oscillating tiles depicting 20 virtues and 20 vices. This formation is rigged up with a console that is being fed live sound via mics placed inside shadow boxes at the venue. The shadow boxes instruct the participant to speak intimately. Their voices along with ambient sounds from around the space are recorded, mixed and processed at various frequencies and played through hidden speakers placed around the mobile. A distant dream like soundscape creates a spatial cocoon around the listener evoking memories. Under the mobile are click buttons and sensors programmed to get activated by the actions of  people walking. These affect the movement of the hanging mobile.

This work is based on the algorithmic concept of good and bad action i.e. things done successfully with effort, skill, or courage as opposed to those resulting in disappointment, remorse, regret and self reproach. 

As the installation moves and redefines the space around it, releasing sounds like the wind is talking, the space that hangs between the occurrence of the thought and the actual deed is magnified. The participant becomes acutely aware of his role inside the looping algorithm.