• Uniquely Goan

    Uniquely Goan

    A series of workshops on Goan cuisine and specialties conducted by renowned chefs.

  • Mahua (Uniquely Goan)

    Mahua (Uniquely Goan)

    A session exploring the history, typology and eco-system for the cultivation and consumption of 'Mahua'. The information session will be followed by Mahua tastings and Q&A.

  • Traditional Goan Bread Making (Uniquely Goan)

    Traditional Goan Bread Making (Uniquely Goan)

    The workshop on ‘Traditional Goan Bread Making’ led by Shaeen and Wilson Gomes, will focus on how Goan bread came into existence, the making of different types of bread, and how the bread making occupation is perceived in today’s ‘Modern Goa’ and the various...

  • Celluloid Karigar   Handmade Film Workshop

    Celluloid Karigar Handmade Film Workshop

    The practice of using found objects to create a work of art finds its origins in modernist art movements of the twentieth century. Avant-garde filmmakers adopted the practice using found film footage in other contexts to create new meaning. The process of assemblage became a means for filmmakers...

  • Kalaripayattu: Lecture Demonstration & Workshop

    Kalaripayattu: Lecture Demonstration & Workshop

    Lecture Demonstration and Workshop on Kalarippayattu:                                                                   ...

  • Complicité Theatre Workshop

    Complicité Theatre Workshop

    Theatre workshops look at either 'performance skills' or 'performance styles’. A 'skills' workshop looks broadly at the kind of performance Complicité specialises in and includes lots of the Lecoq training, covering movement, rhythm, space, games, improvisations,...

  • Curioso Corners

    Curioso Corners

    Last year, at SAF 2018, Curioso was the 'DIY' Partner and held all-day 'Curioso Corners' and multiple workshops at Children’s (Art) Park with the support of Camlin providing materials. This year, Curioso Corners will be programmed with all-day activities with...

  • Senses 4.0

    Senses 4.0

    A combination of tactile art, workshops, curated walks and activities aiming to make the festival more accessible to less abled audience members. This year, the programming will incorporate workshops that address various facets of mental health and well-being.

  • Nhoi—The Big Reveal

    Nhoi—The Big Reveal

    The Nhoi: Goa River Draw project is India’s largest single collaborative drawing and its 80.6 metres of vibrant imagery is a magnum opus of the imagination and a true celebration of the innate and thriving creativity of people everywhere. Throughout 2018 over 500 adults and children...

  • Dance Outreach Programme

    Dance Outreach Programme

    SAF will be continuing the highly successful Dance Outreach program in Government High Schools of the Keri, Morlem and Surla from 2018, as well as hoping to expand the program to more schools. In 2018, the outreach was structured as a five-day workshop conducted by a classical dancer and a...

  • Healing Culinary Legacies

    Healing Culinary Legacies

    Workshop on Flower Remedies and Herbs for Serendipity Festival, Goa by Ruchi Jain and Poonam Jain A two-hour workshop which would provide an overview of Bach flower remedies with an introduction to flowers of common trees and fruits; preparation, uses and administration of Indian...

  • Curated Accessible Walkthroughs (Senses 4.0)

    Curated Accessible Walkthroughs (Senses 4.0)

    Access for ALL will develop a series of accessible walkthroughs of select exhibitions on display at Serendipity Arts Festival. The walkthroughs will feature specially designed activity worksheets for student participants from Sanjay School, Umang School and National Association for the Blind...

  • Mind Magnet (Senses 4.0)

    Mind Magnet (Senses 4.0)

    An art workshop designed to provide positive distraction from anxieties.

  • Neon Mandala Art (Senses 4.0)

    Neon Mandala Art (Senses 4.0)

    Experience a blissful day of spiritual connection, rebalancing and self-integration with this art workshop focused on the practice and philosophy of Mandalas.

  • Excel @ Pixel (Sense 4.0)

    Excel @ Pixel (Sense 4.0)

    In this workshop participants will learn how to make a pixelated avatars of different object. This session aims and focus and concentration. The workshop is ideal for restless and anxious minds.

  • 3 Finger Art (Senses 4.0)

    3 Finger Art (Senses 4.0)

  • Splash Art (Senses 4.0)

    Splash Art (Senses 4.0)

    A workshop open for all, and specifically focused on participants with autism. Participants learn how a splash is animated with 3d Objects!

  • Table of 4 (Senses 4.0)

    Table of 4 (Senses 4.0)

  • Blindfold Photography (Senses 4.0)

    Blindfold Photography (Senses 4.0)

  • Text Zentangle Workshop (Senses 4.0)

    Text Zentangle Workshop (Senses 4.0)

    A wonderfully creative relaxing process of turning simple drawn patterns into artistic designs. Zentangle calms the mind, helps to reduce stress and improve focus.

  • DIY Zine (Senses 4.0)

    DIY Zine (Senses 4.0)

    A do-it-yourself zine workshop for school children!

  • Memories That Touched Me – Blindfold Collage Art (Senses 4.0)

    Memories That Touched Me – Blindfold Collage Art (Senses 4.0)

    Can you craft a collage on through sense of touch and memory? A great way of celebrating a memory/thought that has been dangling in your subconscious mind. The workshop is open to general participants.

  • Blockprinting Workshop (Senses 4.0)

    Blockprinting Workshop (Senses 4.0)

  • Charcoal Smudge (Senses 4.0)

    Charcoal Smudge (Senses 4.0)

  • Clay Animation (Sense 4.0)

    Clay Animation (Sense 4.0)

  • Yog-Art (Senses 4.0)

    Yog-Art (Senses 4.0)

    Ever thought of what would happen if Yoga met Art? Be a part of this body-twisting workshop infused with art.

  • Zine Me Up (Senses 4.0)

    Zine Me Up (Senses 4.0)

    A special workshop for all who are and have struggled with mental health concerns designed to provide an opportunity to express their emotions creatively. The workshop is aimed to assist people with depression or stress to feel valued and empowered and enhance their self-esteem and confidence.

  • Coffee Painting Workshop (Senses 4.0)

    Coffee Painting Workshop (Senses 4.0)