Mapping Mapusa Market

Special Project

Mapping Mapusa Market is an installation by artist Orijit Sen that has originated from a project that the artist has worked on since 2013, involving explorations of the old Mapusa market in North Goa. These explorations involve a mix of visual documentation, socio-historical mapping and graphic narration, and delve into the social, cultural and economic functions of that the market performs for the people of Goa.

The market is like a microcosm of something much larger. As a space that accommodates everything from locally grown pumpkins and hand-crafted products to imported wines and Chinese electronics, it bears a network of relationships with places both close by and far flung — reflecting Goa’s unique history as well as its place in the modern world.

Orijit Sen

Orijit Sen is a graphic artist, cartoonist, and designer based in New Delhi, India. He studied graphic design at the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad.

He is one of the founders of People Tree, a collaborative studio and store for artists, designers, and craftspeople that has grown, since its inception in 1990, into a widely regarded social entrepreneurship company associated with the promotion of artisanal innovation. Orijit’s pioneering River of Stories (Kalpavriksh 1994) is considered to be India’s first graphic novel.

Orijit is Mario Miranda Chair visiting professor at Goa University.