19 in 20 // Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Break the clocks.

We do not yet know the time.

Serendipity always exists outside the order of time. The origins of the word lie in the discovery of lost objects—of what happens when we arrive at or encounter that which brings joy, that which is not expected, not framed by the act of anticipation or memory, and thus exists beyond the borders of linear time.

In 2020, we look towards creating this sense of rupture with the routine of daily time. Taking as our site of action a piece of land, a half-built edifice, concrete slabs and wild vegetation, we bring experiences which provoke engagement and experimentation, interaction and interventions within and beyond the arts. Responding to the stray history of the site—its interrupted, incomplete façade, we aim to create a new terrain for art, bridging performances and exhibitions from across the Festival archives. We ask, repeatedly: what happens when clocks collide, when frozen time is thawed—what are the energies released; how are we transformed? What does art do to a site; what does site do to art? We abandon the comforts of linear time to wander amidst our histories, our futures to arrive at new publics.

Join us. It might be time.