The promenade forms the spine of  D.B. Marg in Panaji and runs along the Mandovi river. A pleasant stroll along this 2 km stretch will connect you to all of our venues. This space will have also feature public installations.

Events at Promenade

Reimagining Gandhi is an attempt to engage with the Gandhian thought through various forms of artistic expressions. Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings of truth, non-violence and compassion are eternal and need to be imbibed in every individual. Gandhi's teachings have inspired not ..Read More ›

Brinjal Cart

This pop up food cart will serve a different brinjal varieties and dishes during each day of the festival, celebrating the agricultural biodiversity of the Indian brinjal (also known as eggplant/aubergine). Each of these brinjals has a different flavour, texture ..Read More ›

People’s Music

SAF Special Project We create music when we are happy. We create music when we are sad. We make music to accompany work. We make music for relaxation. There is music that brings entire communities together. There is music that ..Read More ›