Serendipity Arts Festival

Serendipity Arts Festival (SAF) 2018 is back! SAF is an annual multicultural event held in December along the banks of river Mandovi in Panaji, Goa. The intention behind this event is to revitalize the arts in India. The aim of SAF is to bring about a positive change in the area of visual, performing and culinary arts. This international festival also endeavors to address crucial issues like patronage culture, arts education and interdisciplinary discourse and others. There are various exhibitions and performances held at the event, offering a platform for social and educational engagement.

Over the years, SAF has expanded its reach by experimenting with site, display, scale and form. This long term cultural project features 87 projects out of which, 60 are specifically commissioned explicitly for the event. The festival attracts the audience through a variety of programmes of dance, music, culinary arts, theatre, photography, craft and visual arts. Special projects with institutional collaborations add an extra layer to the curated events.

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This year, the Theatre programming pushes beyond defined boundaries. Moving away from the proscenium, the performances are set to explore fresh avenues – making use of alternate spaces, showcasing traditional forms with a contemporary twist, introducing young children to the importance of theatre, and highlighting the creative presence of marginalized communities.

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The Music programme explores the gamut of traditions in India, as well as the sources of inspiration. The stage will also be set for international artists, providing the audience an opportunity to experience musicals, along with retro, jazz, and electro funk music. In addition, there will a unique sound experience that showcases the cross currents between sound, visuals, space and technology.

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The curation of the Dance programme this year engages almost all forms of traditional Indian dance, including folk; at their core, these projects are interdisciplinary in nature, resulting in a perfect balance between music, dance and drama. Many of these projects venture into alternate spaces, where the emphasis is more on the body in relation to space and technology.

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Culinary Arts

The Festival moves away from the idea of food being a means to sustenance, and discovers the different possibilities of food as art/performance, innovation and delight. The Festival provides a unique food experience through curated workshops, with focus on local produce and regional flavors; recreating a Goan marketplace and its unique wares, and celebrating the integral role of spice in Indian cuisine as well as unusual but intriguing pairings in food and drink.

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This year’s programming examines ideas and practices within photography, addressing traditions of vernacular and lesser knows histories of photography, while simultaneously engaging with archives, studios and a curated moving image section, as well as specifically commissioned works. The other aspect of the discipline’s curation examines and questions the narrative and ‘truth’ behind the photograph as document, through an exhibition using indoor and outdoor spaces, and a workshop.

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Visual Arts

The programming of Visual Arts this year offers a wide spectrum of projects. In continuation from last year, there will be an emphasis on emerging artists from the subcontinent, as well as performance art, street art and a film programme. We put a spotlight on collections and archives in innovative ways, and bring to Goa an important exhibition exploring ideas of ‘the other’ through a group show of international and Indian artists. In addition, the role of artist residencies in the contemporary art scene will be examined.

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The Craft projects focus on local Goan crafts that will be displayed in a specially designed architectural structure, in continuation of one of last year’s projects. The exploration of everyday objects brings to light their histories, and the status of Indian handicrafts in the present time, encouraging an equal collaboration between designers and crafts people.

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